Text Box: V.E.P. Enterprises, Inc.

Text Box: A Disability Management Consulting Firm Since 1985

Employment Opportunities:  Seeking individual for busy and very varied case load, Workers' Compensation, Americans With Disability Act, Social Security, General Liability and more. 

Preferred License:  Certified Vocational Evaluator; Certified Case Manager;  Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse; Certified Disability Management Specialist; Registered Nurse, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Life Care Planner.

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Consultant Credentials:

R.N.                Registered Nurse

C.D.M.S.        Certified Disability Management Specialist

C.C.M.           Certified Case Manager

C.R.R.N.        Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse

C.L.C.P.         Certified Life Care Planner



Consultant e-mail:

Cynthia Craig:        cynthia.craig@vepinc.net

Nancy Vandal:        nancy.vandal@vepinc.net

Nancy J. Vandal, R.N., C.R.R.N., C.D.M.S.

Ms. Vandal graduated from St. Luke's Hospital School for Nursing in Duluth, Minnesota.  Currently licensed as R.N. in Florida.  She holds national certification as Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse and Certified Disability Management Specialist.

Ms. Vandal has approximately 15 years experience in Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Management, Utilization Review, Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation, Medical and Vocational Services Consulting.

Ms. Vandal began working with V.E.P. Enterprises, Inc. in 1994.


Cynthia S. Craig, R.N., C.C.M., C.D.M.S., C.L.C.P.

Ms. Craig graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham as a Nurse Practitioner in 1978.  Currently licensed as R.N. in Florida.

Ms. Craig holds national certification as Certified Case Manager, Certified Disability Management Specialist, and Certified Life Care Planner.

She has lectured on Case Management and the Americans With Disabilities Act.    She has testified in Federal Court, Liability Court, for Divorce Cases, Arbitration for Union and Workers' Compensation Cases.

Ms. Craig founded V.E.P. Enterprises, Inc. in December, 1985.