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Job Placement

Essential Function Job Description

The purpose for carefully analyzing the job will be to develop an accurate and comprehensive job analysis. The objective is to provide a written job analysis that identifies:

 essential and peripheral tasks of a specific position

 physical and mental involvement 


 work environment 

 general aptitudes 

We will:

 Review the positions to be analyzed, based on company needs. 

 Select the employees to be interviewed and schedule appointments for interviews. 

 Send a letter of introduction to the employee prior to appointment 

 Discuss with the supervisor, the data collection methods used and receive clearance to video tape job activities, ergonomically measure physical demands, and/or the need to bring additional staff to assist. 

 Collect data as scheduled within the manner agreed to and within the pre-determined time frames. 

 Present a draft of the job analysis to the supervisor for review, input and approval.  

 Telephone conference with management. 

 Present a draft of the job analysis to the supervisor for final review, input and approval. 

 Make recommendations to the referral/employer. 

 Provide a list of all references used in the development of each job analysis. 

 Provide credentials of consultant/staff participating in the development of the essential function job analysis. 

 Provide a final copy of the job analysis at the end of the process along with a brief narrative report with an overview of dates, methods and resources used. 

Content analysis is performed on data collection and compared with data found in the Classification of Jobs and Dictionary of Occupational Titles.