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Ergonomic Job Analysis

An Ergonomic evaluation is an on-site analysis that enables the completion of a comprehensive profile of an employment opportunity.  This analysis will provide information on the job qualifications, work schedule, essential job functions, physical demands, environmental conditions, temperaments and risk factors.

An Ergonomic analysis of a job is an essential part of a comprehensive program for controlling work related disorders.   Case studies emphasize the identification and evaluation of ergonomic stress and the development of alternative solutions to workplace problems. 

Creating guidelines for awareness and prevention of work-related injuries helps define and promote employee/management involvement and facilitates collection of injury data and outcome measurements to monitor and prevent future risks.

A job analysis is performed when questions arise as to whether an injured worker/insured can perform their job duties or to address causation issues.   This analysis may include video of the job as part of the written report outlining the essential functions and required physical demands of the job.

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