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Job Placement

Labor Market Survey:  An analysis based on direct contact with employers in the injured worker/insured's geographic area, employment opportunities  are identified, along with hiring trends and salaries.

Transferable Skills Analysis: An analysis based on data obtained during the Vocational Assessment or from claim's documents, the vocational specialist will identify alternative employment options consistent with the injured worker/insured's physical abilities and prior experiences.  This analysis is utilized in conjunction with both Vocational and Employability Assessments. 

Job Analysis:  An analysis performed on-site to assist in addressing causation issues or to delineate the functional requirements of an injured worker/insured's position for usage in designing a structured physical therapy rehabilitation program.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Provided by certified rehabilitation consultants..

We will:

 We will meet with Claimant to determine vocational direction 

 Prepare Transferable Skill Analysis 

 Prepare resume and application for labor market 

 Coach claimant on interviewing skills 

 Conduct Labor Market Survey and/or Job Development 

 Prepare Job Analysis, if necessary

 Follow-up with employer to document claimant co-operation

 Expert Testimony provided, if necessary